ADD and ADHD in Adults & Children – Possible Remedies with Melaleuca

ImageAttention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder are found in children and adults who have a reduced attention span and a variable pattern of behavioral challenges. Clinical studies indicate that there is a link to dietary and environmental factors. Simple sugar cravings and intolerance to sugar appear to be indicated. Several studies show a link to essential fatty acids deficiencies within the brain. 

Identify any and all food, food additives, household cleaners, and synthetic substances shown to be reactive, and remove them from the environment. Convert your home to the environmentally friendly Melaleuca cleaning and personal care products. Reduce fried foods, cooked and rancid oils such as potato chips, french fries, etc, sugar (including artificial sweeteners), and food coloring’s. Have a metabolic & nutritional physical exam by a certified clinician. 

The following supplements, along with appropriate dietary changes, my be useful to help improve symptoms. The Vitality Pack with Oligofructose Complex should be used to help maintain proper nutrition. Children should be taking the Koala Pals. Luminex will help to maximize cerebral circulation. ProVex-Plus will reduce free-radical activity and help to reduce sensitivities to allergens. Phytomega contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are extremely important for proper brain function. Researchers have discovered a link between mood disorders and low concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids in the body. CellWise is used to help maintain cell structure in the brain, and Sustain Sport will help maintain proper blood sugar balance and reduce sugar cravings. 

When people with ADD took grape seed extract (ProVex-Plus) for other purposes, such as allergies, they began to notice an improvement in concentration and mental focus. These are classic symptoms of attention-deficit. It has been observed that those that took grape seed extract on a regular basis showed as much improvement as those who took stimulant drugs. Generally children fared better on a lower dose, and adults did better with a higher dose. Other positive effects such as decreased heartbeat, disappearance of tennis elbow, relief of acne and improvement in sleep and moods were also noted. 

Avoid carbonated drinks. The phosphate additives may be the cause of hyperkinesias. The phosphorus found in soft drinks may also leech calcium and magnesium from the body creating a deficiency, which creates further potential for increased hyperactivity and even seizures. Meat and fat are also high in phosphorus. The calcium and magnesium found in the Vitality Pack and Koala Pals will provide a calming effect, as well as replenish the body. 

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