Melaleuca – $100 in FREE Products as a “Preferred” Member!

Well, I am feeling pretty exhausted today. I have no idea why, but I am listening to my body tonight. I wanted to check my email before I went to bed and found an email from Melaleuca notifying me that I had $20.00 in Loyalty Shopping Dollars to spend for the month of June. Well, I couldn’t wait to order. Although, I just received a box of products yesterday, I felt the need to shop again!  Let me explain – when you sign up as a preferred member, you get $100.00 in FREE products over a 5 month period. You are still required to purchase 35 product points as well, but this is explained to you when you become a preferred member.

I wanted to give you an example of what you get for free. They give you a list of products to choose from and you pick which ones you want. There system is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate! My freebies included;

  • Tooth Polish – you pick your flavor – The BEST toothpaste I have ever used! Your teeth will feel freshly polished like you just left the dentist! Sore gums? GONE! This stuff is amazing!
  • Tough & Tender wipes – all-purpose, chemical-free wipes
  • Simply Fit microwave popcorn – natural butter – I have not tried this yet, but I love popcorn!
  • Affinia Moisturizing Shampoo
  • Affinia Moisturizing Conditioner

ALL for FREE you guys! And, are the prices expensive? NO, absolutely not. The products are priced reasonably and are a MUCH better quality than store brands! Not ready to “switch” stores yet? Continue to read my blog. I will be adding new information daily. Feel free with questions and/or comments!


Simply Fit Popcorn


Tough and Tender Wipes


Affinia Shampoo & Conditioner

melaleuca pictures

Tooth Polish

Eco-Sense Lemon Brite

Eco-Sense Lemon Brite


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