Melaleuca – FREE to JOIN for the first 8 People

As I have explained earlier, when you join Melaleuca, there is a start-up fee of $29.00. This fee will be paid for by me after your successful sign-up via PayPal. After the initial sign on, you have a few options.

1. Purchase your products at 30-40% off. Buy a pacesetter pack or a conversion pack. Throw out all of your current cleaning supplies (you will not want these harmful products in your home after trying the Melaleuca, safe, and eco-friendly products)! Browse the site to see what all they have to offer. You are encouraged to buy 35 product points a month. Each product is assigned points. This monthly commitment has been very easy for me. Do you spend $50.00 a month in household consumables? The answer is probably, yes. So far, I have been tripling my monthly product commitment. Please do no let this discourage you upon joining. 

2. If you want to earn a residual income (an income that comes in month after month), start encouraging family and friends to make the change as well!! It is a win-win situation. The products are amazing and speak for themselves!

You will also find, that others may not want to join, but want the products. Remember, you are purchasing these items at wholesale, so reselling them at retail will earn you a profit. 

Want to know more about Melaleuca products? “Google” Sol-U-Mel, Sol-U-Guard, Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil Uses, Diamond Brite, and Melaleuca Tub & Tile to get an understanding of their products and what others are saying. Melaleuca has over 350 products to choose from. You can also go to for more info. 

My offer will only go to the first 8 sign-ups. Feel free with further questions or comments.

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